2021 Water for Wildlife Banquet & Auction raises $80,000 for conservation projects.

The 2021 Water for Wildlife Banquet and Auction occurred September 16, 2021 at the Lander Community Center in Lander, Wyoming. The event had over 300 people in attendance from the general public, political figures, wildlife biologists, and participants of the 2021 One Shot Antelope Hunt. With in-kind donations, banquet ticket purchases, and biddings on live and silent auction items the Water for Wildlife Foundation was able to raise about $80,000 to support our conservation and education mission. Our Foundation would like to say a big thank you to all that attended this great event, and to all whose contributions are going to further our foundation’s conservation efforts!

Water for Wildlife Conservation Center/Evans-Dahl Museum completes new exhibits.

The first exhibit completed in 2019 was the Water for Wildlife Guzzler Exhibit. Funded by First Interstate Bank, the exhibit demostrates how one of the most used supplemental water systems, guzzlers, work for wildlife conservation.  Completed in the Summer of 2020, the Woodlands Exhibit  shows how beavers benefit their ecosystem though building dams. Finally, a fun photo wall was added to give young visitors the opportunity to have their photo taken with some “wild things”.

Mill Creek Beaver Dam Analogs: Habitat restoration in action

The Forest Service and project partners installed ten beaver dam analogs in Mill Creek, tributary to the Sweetwater River. Field surveys indicate Mill Creek at one time had extensive beaver dam complexes capable of providing extensive wetland and aquatic habitats. Loss of beaver, encroachment of conifers, and grazing pressure has likely resulted in changes to stream hydrology and reduced aquatic and wetland habitats. The Forest Service partnered with several external partners (including Water for Wildlife Foundation)to improve watershed function and condition and expand riparian areas that support avariety of fish and wildlife species. The second phase of the Mill Creek project involves conifer removal and aspen enhancement, which are scheduled to begin in 2021.